The company provides service support for two-way investment and trade between China and Sweden. It will continue to forge ahead in the fields of science and technology, building real estate and energy conservation and environmental protection.


The company provides a one-stop service for Chinese and Swedish companies or individuals to invest in venture capital, merger and acquisition, Chinese settler, Swedish immigration, home purchase, financial scheme and home security.


The purpose of the company is to enhance friendly exchanges between China and Sweden, expand economic and trade cooperation between China and Sweden, and promote cultural exchanges between China and Sweden.

Sweden is awarded the Nobel prize, ranking the world's top in the global innovation index ranking. The whole country advocates an innovative social atmosphere, a free and equal social structure, and a sound social security system, making it a hot spot for entrepreneurs to struggle. In Stockholm, for example, in the past ten years, the Nordic capital ...


The company's business scope is to direct the one-stop service of investment, merger, acquisition, Swedish immigration, financial scheme and home security for companies and individuals. The company's team is composed of financial advisers, real estate consultants, business entrepreneurship advisers and other elite. It is your partner in Swedish immigration, Chinese residence, home reception, business development and so on.